RB26DETTウォータージャケット エア抜きホール加工

Solve the RB26 water issue.
The rise in water temperature during 0 to 400m (1/4 mile) can be reliably suppressed.

The RB26 has a large port design and casting, therefore, the water line is narrower than the RB20 series heads.
The temperature inside the water jacket directly above the combustion chamber becomes extremely high, enough to generate air bubbles while driving.
These bubbles must exit the upper hose from the three water lines between the intake ports.
However, since the passage is near gone, air bubbles accumulate, heating up locally and causing knocking.
Our “bleed hole processing” can relieve the head of these bubbles smoothly.

JPY 28,000 / 6 holes per unit

(*The price does not include tax.)