This is an overhaul of the throttle body for the RB26DETT engine.
We will completely disassemble the throttle, inspect side bearings, as well as check and replace the side seals.

The throttle valve is also removed for full closure check and adjustment, molybdenum coating is applied.
The side seal can sometimes be broken or damaged. If it is damaged, it will take in air and cause an engine malfunction.
The return spring is inspected and re-plated, and the spring bush is made with blue resin and replaced.
The entire body receives a beautiful wet blast finish.

JPY 40,000 / 1 unit

(*The price does not include tax.)

This is the processing cost and does not include the price of the throttle bodies themselves.
Please send 3 throttle bodies (1 unit worth).
Throttle bodies are kept in stock as needed; however, please contact us for availability as they may be sold out.