*Unit: ¥(JPY)
*The price does not include tax.

Process Unit Price Comment
Piston pin cut for float One 2,000 Cut the original press-fit type pin and make it long enough to be stopped with a snap ring.
Piston snap ring grooving One 3,000 Create a groove for the snap ring in the piston pin hole.
Piston snap ring fee One 500 Steel snap ring.
Piston & connecting rod press-fitting rearrangement One 3,000 Press-fit type rearrangement work.
Piston ring groove B dimension expansion (groove width) One 3,000 Ring B Enlarges the piston gutter when using different dimensions.
Piston combustion area machining One 3,000 Freely set the cut amount.
Piston labyrinth grooving One 3,000 Create labyrinth grooves in the land, reduces blow-by gas and piston centering action can be obtained.
Piston to valve clearance processing (2v) One 5,000 Create a valve pocket in the piston combustion area to enable assembly of cams with large overlap.
Piston to valve clearance processing (4v) One 9,000
Piston weight balance One 4,000 Adjust the weight error to within 0.5g.
Piston hard anodizing treatment One 5,000 If masking is required, it will be quoted separately.
Piston skirt molybdenum coating One 5,000 The initial fit of the piston skirt can be improved.
Process Unit Price Comment
Float processing with bush One 6,000 Phosphor bronze bush is inserted to add oil holes, pin cut and snap ring grooving are not included.
Float processing with bush
(external connecting rod)
One 9,000
Offset processing One 10,000 It is a process to change the distance between the centers.
Offset processing
(external connecting rod)
One 13,000
Float processing without bush One 5,000 Additional oil holes, pin cut, snap ring grooving are not included.
Small end width reduction One 3,000 Make the small end thinner to fit the piston.
Large end lathe lightening One 4,500 By lightening the large end, the response is improved and the burden on the bearing is reduced.
Small end bush lapping One 2,000 Lapping inside the small end bush.
Adjust the clearance between the connecting rod bush and the piston pin.
Connecting rod bearing positioning groove cut One 5,000 Done when using bearings of other models.
Connecting rod bolt press-fitting rearrangement (2) One 2,500 Replace the connecting rod bolt with a new one.
Weight balance One 8,000 After aligning the top and bottom separately, align the whole rod. Adjust the error to within 0.5g.