ATI Damper Pulley Kit



This is a kit for attaching the crank damper from ATI in US for “SR20DET engine.”
By attaching this damper, it absorbs the engine vibration and the durability of a crankshaft and a crank main metal improves.
Moreover, an exclusive pulley, in a set, turns into a slowdown pulley.

◊ Pulley ratio

  • Crankshaft=1
  • Water pump=0.87(normal 1.31)
  • Alternator=1.79(normal 2.21)
  • Power steering=0.93(normal 1.02)

It is the design which decelerates all rotations for a race.
This is for suppressing the cavitation and pump fault burden which are generated at the time of high rotation operation.

◊ The contents of a kit

  • The 6 inch STEEL damper of ATI
  • Crank hub (hub of combustion-proof and adhesion prevention)
  • Crank pulley of duralumin (Double belt pulley / Hard alumite processing)
  • Water pump pulley of duralumin (Hard alumite processing)
  • Alternator Pulley of duralumin (Hard alumite processing)
  • Power-steering pulley of duralumin (Hard alumite processing)
  • Two special rib belts
  • Bolts for attachment

* only for car without air conditioner.
* A little processing is needed at the time of install a normal fan.

• List Price: JP¥ 148,500   Set of one