NAPREC Cast Iron Valve Guide

Valve Guide SR20DET

NAPREC original cast iron valve guide is standard size with using the quality of the material equivalent to an original manufacturer’s product.

RB20DET or RB25DET /standard type JP¥21,120/INT&EXT
SR20DET /standard type JP¥14,080/INT&EXT
L20 or L28 /standard type JP¥15,840/INT&EXT
A12 or A14 /standard type JP¥10,560/INT&EXT
4AG(4V) /standard type JP¥14,080/INT&EXT
2JZ-GTE /standard type JP¥21,120/INT&EXT
1JZ-GTE /standard type JP¥21,120/INT&EXT
4G63 /standard type JP¥14,080/INT&EXT