Crank Cap Stud Bolt

クランクキャップスタッドボルト for 4AG

The tightening axis power is given to the whole of the screw hole on the block side. Moreover, the crank cap can surely be tightened.
This is necessaries of the high rotation engine and the high boost engine.

• Material of bolt,nut and flat washer/ Chrome molybdenum

SR20DET JP¥ 24,200 / set of one
4AG (4V) JP¥ 24,200 / set of one
2JZ-GTE JP¥ 35,200 / set of one
1JZ-GTE JP¥ 35,200 / set of one
3SG JP¥ 24,200 / set of one

* The chrome molybdenum flange nut all-in