Cam Cap Stud Bolt

カムキャップスタッドボルト for RB26DETT

This is the Stud type cam cap bolt made in order to decrease the troublesomeness at the time of attachment.
The stud type cam cap bolt is with a bottom which prevents modification of cam housing, of course.
Moreover, we can manage the torque of nut by using a flat washer.

• Material of bolt,nut and flat washer/ Chrome molybdenum

RB26DETT JP¥ 17,600 / set of one
RB25DET JP¥ 17,600 / set of one
RB20DET JP¥ 17,600 / set of one
SR20DET JP¥ 14,300 / set of one
4AG(4V) JP¥ 14,300 / set of one