Combinations Valve Guide

Previously, the inner diameter would bend when being pressed, applying too much pressure to the valve guide replacement.
(This is especially the case in RB26 models)
NAPREC valve guides handle heavy pressure very well.
After a press-fit, there is no need to correct the inner diameter.
The shape of the combination valve guide comes from our extensive experience with processing high performance engines.
Since the material is far stronger than Phosphor Bronze, the combinations valve guide is much more abrasion-resistant.

• Material / INT:C6161B EXT:C5341B

Engine Type List Price (INT & EXT)
RB26DETT (Long type on intake side) JP¥48,400
RB26DETT (Standard type) JP¥48,400
RB20DET/25DET (Standard type) JP¥48,400
VG30DETT (Standard type) JP¥48,400
VQ35DE (Standard type) JP¥52,800
VR38DETT (Standard type)BECU JP¥92,400
SR20DET (Standard type) JP¥31,900
SR20VE (Standard type) NEW JP¥31,900
CA18DET (Standard type) JP¥31,900
4AG(4V) (Standard type) JP¥30,800
2JZ-GTE (Standard type) JP¥48,400
1JZ-GTE (Standard type) JP¥48,400
NSX(C30/C32) (Standard type) JP¥52,800
B16/B18 (Standard type) JP¥35,200
EJ20 (Standard type) JP¥31,900
4G63 (Standard type) JP¥35,200