*Unit: ¥(JPY)
*The price does not include tax.

Process Unit Price Comment
Flywheel resurface One 8,000 The flat surface that touches the disc. Consultation is required for pull and multiple clutches.
Flywheel lightening process (lathe) One 10,000 Remove unnecessary material from the normal flywheel and reduce the weight by 20% to 30%.
Flywheel lightening process (lathe)
with static balance
One 18,000
Shock absorber shortening One 6,000 Compatible with cartridge type, cutting & construct new screw sections.
Case-integrated type starts from 6,000 yen, cutting and welding starts from 7,000 yen.
Shell case shortening One 12,000 Jig production may be required.
This is the base price.
Propeller shaft shortening One 35,000 Shortening, stretching, 2 → 1 etc. Balancing is required after the change.
These are the base prices.
Propeller shaft pipe replacement (reinforced material) One 50,000
Manufacture adapters for propeller shaft processing One
9,500 Needed when connecting the adapter of the joint.
Propeller shaft balancing
less than 1.5m
One 36,000 Like with crankshafts, the balancer machine is used for dynamic balancing.
Propeller shaft balancing
1.5m or more
One 40,000
Aluminum wheel hub hole expansion One
8,000 When the hub hole does not fit (too small) due to a change in vehicle width, etc.
This is the base price.
Brake rotor resurface (lathe) One 10,000 Reface the rippled pad contact surface.
Brake rotor slit processing One 18,000 The number of slits, shape and width can be specified.
Cam sprocket slide processing One 30,000 Please provide a standard cam sprocket.
We will remodel it to a slide adjustment type.