Intake Big Valve For PORSCHE 930/964

ポルシェ964、930用 インテークビッグバルブ単品

This is Intake big valve for the engine of air cooling boxer 6cylinders M64type 3.6l.
It is the big valve 50.5mm in Umbrella diameter developed for the engine whose standard umbrella diameter is 49mm.
By making the diameter of that larger than a 1.5mm standard, ideal Umbrella diameter was made for the engine whose piston is 100mm or 102mm and which is 3.6l. or 3.8l.
This attachment is possible without exchange of a sheet ring only by cutting a sheet.
It is a sale only of the intake this time.

• Umbrella diameter/Φ50.5mm • Stem diameter/Φ9mm • Full length/110mm

• List Price: JP¥ 52,800   Set of one

(JP¥8,400 each)