Head Stud Bolt for NISSAN RB26DETT

RB26DETT ヘッドスタッドボルト

The transformation of the cylinder is suppressed to the minimum.

We changed the head bolt to the stud type, and thinned the nut pitch. As a result, the tightening power will be much improved much more than with a normal bolt can be gained. And, when tightening, we can manage the condition of tightening surely.
Moreover, since the nut undersurface is same size as a washer, modification of a washer is prevented and it has become the design, which does not generate slack, either.
Furthermore, since the length of an effective screw can be earned by carrying out bottom attachment of the block side insertion screw, the quantity of modification of the inside of a cylinder also decreases and the optimal conditions for high output engine can be made.

  • Material of bolt / NAP200 High-tensile steel (Its company standard)
  • Material of nut / SCM440H
  • Screw part / Form rolling processing
  • Intensity to pull / 200kg / Two or more millimeter
• List Price: JP¥ 49,280   Set of one * Nut all-in