Apply chrome plating to the engine and exterior parts.
We can also replate parts of old cars that had a lot of chrome plating.
Paint peeling and casting surface removal are included as a standard part of the process, so the parts may be sent as they are.

This is a three part process of material buff → plating → finishing buff and polish (Referred to as No.1 Chome Plating in Japan).
The eye-catching and durable plating will greatly enhance the sense of accomplishment for your build.

(As of Januaru 2014: Chrome plating work is difficult due to complications at the plating factory. Many parts are not able to be processed. Price and delivery date fluctuate regularly)
(As of February 2021: Unichrome plating and chromate plating for bolts and small engine stays are the only plating options available. Decorative chrome plating can no longer be ordered. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding)


This is mostly done for aluminum parts. NAPREC can provide a glossy finish to bring the best shine out of the aluminum background, as well as remove the cast surface for a polished finish.
After buffing, a hard clear coat is applied as part of the standard process.

*Unit: \(JPY)
*The price does not include tax.

Part Name Chrome Plating
(Base Price)
Buff Finish
(Base Price)
Front bumper & rear bumper (integrated type)
(Example: Hakosuka, Kenmeri, RX3, S30 front)
40,000 ~
Front bumper & rear bumper (3 division)
(Example: Sanitra, S30 rear, old GTO, Jaguar, Volvo)
50,000 ~
Aluminum surge tank (injection) in-line 4-cylinder
(example: SR20, 4G63)
30,000 27,000
Aluminum surge tank (injection) in-line 6 cylinder
(example: RB26DETT, 2JZ-GTE)
40,000 36,000
Aluminum surge tank (injection) V-type 6 cylinder
(example: VG30DETT)
48,000 43,200
Aluminum surge tank (injection) FD3S (13BREV) 25,000 22,500
Intake manifold (independent port) in-line 4-cylinder 18,000 16,200
Intake manifold (independent port) in-line 6 cylinders 20,000 18,000
One DOHC aluminum cam cover (divided into two) In-line 4-cylinder
(example: 4AG)
30,000 27,000
DOHC aluminum cam cover for 1 unit (divided into 2) in-line 6 cylinders
(example: RB26DETT, 2JZ-GTE)
50,000 45,000
One DOHC aluminum cam cover (integral) In-line 4-cylinder
(example: SR20, 4G63)
22,000 19,800
One DOHC aluminum cam cover (integral) In-line 6-cylinder 40,000 36,000
OVC / OHC rocker cover (steel) in-line 4-cylinder
(example: A type, MINI)
15,000 13,500
OVC / OHC rocker cover (aluminum) in-line 4-cylinder
(example: L-type 4-cylinder)
18,000 16,200
OVC / OHC rocker cover (aluminum) In-line 6-cylinder
(example: L-type, 6-cylinder)
25,000 22,500
Stabilizer (F / R) (per one) 20,000
Roll cage 4 to 5 points (estimate required for more than 5 points) 50,000
Headlight frame (⌀100mm to ⌀200mm) 10,000 9,000
Funnel (for carburetor) ⌀50 x 50 to 70mm 4,000 3,600
Funnel (for carburetor) ⌀100mm to ⌀200mm (manufactured) 10,000 9,000
Oil filler cap 4,000 3,600
Turbo compressor housing (cast aluminum) 16,000
Turbo exhaust housing (casting) 12,000
Pulleys (water pump, power steering pump, alternator pump) 3,000 ~ 2,700 ~
Turbo piping (steel / aluminum) ⌀50mm to ⌀100mm 5,000 ~ 4,500 ~
Motorcycle frame (round steel) 40,000 ~
Motorcycle frame (F / R) 18,000 ~
Motorcycle front fork L / R pair (no tube) 20,000 ~ 18,000 ~
Motorcycle rear swing arm 25,000 ~
Other Chrome-Platable Parts
Bolts, engine stays, linkages, window frames, master backs, etc.
3,000 ~
(Antimony diecast system (old car))
Door handles, malls, tail frames, hinges, light frames, etc.
4,000 ~ 3,600 ~

* Additional fee may be added depending on the condition of the material (corrosion, sheet metal, etc.).
* For re-plating, a formal quote will be made after the plating is peeled off.
* Each order of aftermarket processing will be quoted.
* Please contact us for each order on antimony diecast materials (old car ornaments, tail frames, door handles, etc.).
* Please check the completed delivery date upon placing an order.

(As of February 2021, we can no longer accept orders for buffing. We apologize for the inconvenience, thank you for your understanding.)