Corporate Outline

Trade Name NAPREC Co.,Ltd.
Address of Headquarters 796-1, Utsukimachi, Hachiouji-city, Tokyo
192-0024, Japan
Telephone +81(042) 696-3733
Fax +81(042) 696-3734
* When inquiring in English, I hope in E-mail.
Business Hours From 9:00 To 18:00
Regular Holiday Sunday every week
Representative Director Minoru Nagoya
Number of Employees 13
• April, 1997 : NAPREC Co.,Ltd. is established.
• 1999 : We moved from Fuchu city to Hachioji City.


  • Manufacturing sales of tuning engine parts of car and motorcycle
  • Maintenance and processing and sales of body of car and motorcycle and internal combustion engines
  • Export sales of auto parts
  • Sales of new car, used car, new motorcycle, and used motorcycle
  • Manufacturing sales of motorcycle parts
  • Sales of clothes and accessories of design related to car